Rampart – “War Behast” (2012)


Label: Inferno Records

Review by Tony Cannella

It seems like a lot of albums of the classic metal variety have been coming my way as of late. That’s fine by me, keep ‘em coming! One of the latest is the second album from the Bulgarian band Rampart. These guys and girl released their debut album “Voice of the Wilderness” in 2009 – which was an excellent debut in my opinion – and now they return with their sophomore effort “War Behest”.

The first thing that comes to mind about Rampart is that Maria’s vocals take some getting used to. She is not operatic and her style isn’t clean. She definitely has that rough-around-the-edges technique. Musically Rampart mixes in bits of thrash metal to go along with the classic metal direction – either way, “War Behest” is definitely a throwback album that recalls the mid 80s – ah, the mid 80s, now that was a great period for music – sorry I was just getting a little nostalgic, let’s move on, shall we? A lot of Rampart’s lyrical subject matter seems to be about war and “War Behest” is set up like a concept album, I don’t have the benefit of a lyric sheet, but it definitely has the feel of a concept album. Their sound is also a little rawer and stripped down than a lot of the bands of the genre. The intro “Thunder Realm (Prologue)” starts things with slow guitar, the clashing of swords, horses, thunder and other sound effects that would replicate a battle as this segues into the heavy metal brashness of “Army of the Perfect”, and this is just an all out metal blitzkrieg and one of the better songs. The songs know only one direction and that is full on metal. In addition to the heavy metal and thrash metal influences Rampart also injects some technicality into the songs. They are talented musicians. “Fire Circle” is different than some of the other material on “War Behest”. It still has those crashing guitar riffs, but it was the inclusion of violins that caught me by surprise, but you know what? It works and I would have to say this is my favorite song. Other highlights include: “Within the Silence”, “Up In Arms” and “Storm Force”. “War Behest” is definitely a lean, mean heavy metal animal. Fans who are digging the current resurgence of classic metal might want to give Rampart a chance.

Rating – 77/100



  1. Thunder Realm (Prologue)
  2. Army of the Perfect (Overture)
  3. Ghost of Freedom
  4. Within the Silence
  5. Road to the Unknown
  6. Fire Circle
  7. Up In Arms
  8. Storm Force
  9. Give Nothing Back
  10. March On to Victory (Epilogue)


Line Up

  • Maria D. S. (Maria Doychinova Slaveykova) – Vocals
  • Vili Neshev – Guitars
  • Svilen Ivanov – Bass
  • Petar Svelinov – Drums


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