Ravenscry – “The Attraction of Opposites” (2014)


Label: Revalve Records

Review by Luisa Mercier

I have been following Ravenscry since they released their very first record, and from that moment on I never stopped appreciating what they do. In the Italian metal scene, that may offer little that can really spark an interest in me, they always represented a pleasant exception and this new album “The Attraction of Opposites” is just another confirmation. As the title suggests, the album is built on the concept of opposites, both in life and in the musical context. The tracklist has been compiled opposing a track to the other; so we have the opener “The Luxury of Distraction” versus closing track “ReaLies”, second track “The Witness” versus “Your Way” and so on. These contrapositions are then summed up in “Cynic”, meaningfully placed at the half of the record, between the two halves. Ravenscry deliver 13 compositions in which their trademark sound is easy to recognize with the addition of some new elements. Listen for example “Alive” with the emotional intro of keyboards, strings and saxophone that add a jazz flavour or the nice single “Missing Words” that shows off their darker side and the amazing voice of Giulia, a great Italian talent. I find she is really expressive and elegant. There are also melodic death metal moments as in “Touching The Rain” or the following “Cynic”, making up a record that all can love. I highly recommend you to give a listen to this album.

Rating – 80/100



  1. The Luxury of Distraction
  2. The Witness
  3. Missing Words
  4. Alive
  5. The Big Trick
  6. Touching The Rain
  7. Cynic
  8. Living Today
  9. Third Millenium Man
  10. Noir Desire
  11. Ink
  12. Your Way
  13. ReaLies


Line Up

  • Giulia Stefani – vocals
  • Paul Raimondi – Guitar
  • Mauro Paganelli – Guitar
  • Andrea Fagiuoli – Bass Guitar
  • Simone Carminati – Drums


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