Revenience – “Daedalum” (2016)


Label: Sliptrick Records

Review by Tony Cannella

From Italy (where?!?), Revenience is a modern metal band with elements of symphonic metal and Gothic Metal (jeez, there are so many sub-genres, aren’’t there?). The band was founded in 2014 and have released their debut album at the beginning of last year, called ““Daedalum””. The cinematic score-like opener ““In a Landscape of Winter”” sets the tempo and leads us into ““Blown Away by the Wind”” –which opens with a heavy, biting guitar riff. The songs on “““Daedalum””” seem like they are meticulously crafted and that shows through the 9-song, 40-minute album. The following trio of songs ““Shamble””, ““Flail”” and ““Lone Island”” are three of my favorites and the 7-minute closer ““Shadows and Silence”” is outstanding as well. I was also impressed with the vocals. Female vocalist Debora Ceneri has a clean soaring vocal style. There are some male growling vocals present but they are applied where needed and they are very well done. They don’’t overwhelm anything. Musically, there is plenty of heaviness to go along with touches of symphonic metal. All-in-all, I found ““Daedalum”” to be a solid and enjoyable effort. Despite which genre they may reside in, to be honest, I am never sure what the tag “modern metal” means (is there an “un-modern metal”?). Modern or un-modern, I would say that Revenience is just an excellent metal band.

Rating – 85/100



  1. In a Landscape of Winter
  2. Blown Away by the Wind
  3. Shamble
  4. Flail
  5. Lone Island
  6. A-Maze
  7. Not My Choice
  8. Revenant
  9. Shadows and Silence


Line Up

  • •Debora Ceneri – Vocals
  • •Michele Di Lauro – Guitars
  • ••Pasquale Barile – Keyboards & Synths
  • Fausto De Bellis – Bass & Guitars
  • Simone Spolzino – Drums & Growl

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