Riverlust – “Innocence” EP (2012)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

The Hungarian symphonic metal band Riverlust formed in 2008 under the unusual moniker Leaf Storm. Thankfully, in 2011 they changed the band name to their current one and a year later in mid 2012, they released their debut EP, “Innocence”.

Riverlust features duel male/female vocals with Zsuzsanna Parej presenting a clean vocal style and guitarist Andra Barta using a death grunt style to offset Zsuzsanna’s beautiful approach. After the brief intro “Never Ending Fall” builds to its crescendo it segues into the powerful “End of Innocence”. The band adds the right mix of beauty and brutality to the track as the song gallops at a highly up tempo pace. “Razor’s Edge” is next and has a bit of a Gamma Ray vibe at the beginning and is even more up tempo than the previous song. The final three songs “The Curtain Falls”, “Melodies of Life” and the thrashy “Passage” maintain the pace set forth by the previous songs. In all “Innocence” features 6-songs and just over 20-minutes worth of excellently played symphonic power metal with an aggressive edge.

On the whole, I found Riverlust to be quite impressive and potentially something special. “Innocence” is certainly an EP that has me looking forward to the time when this extremely talented band from Hungary releases their full-length debut. “Innocence” can be downloaded at the official Riverlust Face book page. Check ‘em out!

Rating – 90/100



  1. Never Ending Fall (Intro)
  2. End of Innocence
  3. Razor’s Edge
  4. The Curtain Falls
  5. Melodies of Life
  6. Passage


Line Up

  • Zsuzsanna Paréj – Vocals
  • András Barta – Guitars & grunts
  • Ádám Keresztes – Guitars
  • Zsombor Zathureczky – Keys
  • András Vaskó ‘Fufi’ – Bass
  • Attila Pécz – Drums




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