Label: Pure Rock Records

Review by Tony Cannella

Rizon is a male/female fronted melodic power metal band from Zurich, Switzerland. The band formed way back in 1997 but it was not until 2005 when they released their debut album, “Evolution”, which was followed by “Sudden Life” and then “Masquerade”. Rizon returns with album number four “Power Plant”. I will admit that I have never heard this band prior to “Power Plant”, but after listening to this album, I am mega excited about what I have just heard. From the outset, it is obvious that “Power Plant” is something that is pretty cool. The opener “Nevermore” is a great way to start things and the chemistry between the two lead vocalists is undeniable, in fact, I would say that the duo of Matthias Götz and Rahel Fischer are the best male/female vocal combination I have heard in quite some time. The music is ultra-melodic yet still has some serious teeth to it. “Feel the Heat” soars right out of the gate, and has a fast up-tempo pace to it. The pacing on the next song “Midnight Sun” is a bit more deliberate but just as heavy as the previous songs. Other highlights include, “If You Rule the World”, “Me” and “New Age Dawn”. “Power Plant” is an album that was instantly pleasing to these ears and this is certainly a band that I look forward to hearing more from in the future. Rizon is pretty freakin’ awesome, now I will surely delve into their back catalog.

Rating – 95/100



  1. Nevermore
  2. Feel the Heat
  3. Midnight Sun
  4. If You Rule the World
  5. Lost Without You
  6. I Follow You
  7. Me
  8. New Age Dawn
  9. No Way Out
  10. Timebomb
  11. Freedom of Life (Part I)
  12. Freedom of Life (Part II)



  • Matthias Götz – Vocals & Acoustic guitar
  • Rahel Fischer – Vocals
  • Christian Götz – Guitars
  • Reto Hähnel – Guitars
  • Marco Küderli – Keyboards
  • Maik Kindermann – Bass
  • Tom Lindegger – Drums





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