Romeo’s Daughter – “Rapture” (2012)


Label : RD Records

Review by Tony Cannella

There was always a curiosity about Romeo’s Daughter. In the 80s it was impossible to pick up an issue of Kerrang! Magazine without seeing something about the bands gorgeous front woman Leigh Matty. So, after a few years I finally heard them on one of the “Nightmare on Elm Street” soundtracks with the Mutt Lange produced “Heaven in the Backseat” it was an infectious slice of pop flavored, hard rock but shortly thereafter, they were gone – as the musical landscape had been changing. Fast forward almost 20-years later and the band has re-formed and releases the long awaited third album “Rapture”.

Prior to the release of “Rapture”, Romeo’s Daughter also re-issued their first two albums (both excellent, by the way) and all that brings us to “Rapture”. From the first note of the first song “Trippin’ Out”, it is almost like Romeo’s Daughter never went away. This is classic, infectious AOR rock very reminiscent of their earlier stuff. The beautiful “Bittersweet” has a melodic side that is just won’t quit and is largely acoustic driven and is one of the best songs. Leigh Matty hasn’t lost a thing vocal wise, in fact she may even be better than before. Other highlights include: “Cannot Be the One” (a pretty cool ballad), “Keep Walking” (a great up-tempo rocker with an AC/DC style riff), “Lightning”, “Precious Thing” and “Alive”.

So, 19 years is a long time between albums. It will be interesting to hear opinions of long time fans. Was it worth the wait? Well, for me “Rapture” is a successful return to form for Romeo’s Daughter. It is good to see them back and doing what they do best.

Rating – 82/100



  1. Trippin’ Out
  2. Bittersweet
  3. Cannot Be the One
  4. Keep Walking
  5. Lightning
  6. Alive
  7. Fly Away
  8. Make My Dreams Come True
  9. Precious Thing
  10. Talking Love
  11. He’s Mine
  12. Will Be


Line Up

  • Leigh Matty – Vocals
  • Craig Joiner – Guitars and Background Vocals
  • Anthony Mitman – Keyboards and Background Vocals
  • Ed Poole – Bass
  • Andy Wells – Drums


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