Romeo’s Daughter – “Spin” (2015)


Label: RD Records

Review by Gary Holy Magica

First thing that comes to mind with Romeo’s Daughter is originality, I remember as a teenager catching the video ”I Cry Myself To Sleep” during the wee small hours on late night TV,”pretty classy”, I thought next day I bought the record on the strength of only one song and fast forward some years we have Romeo’s Daughter 4th album ”Spin”. Today there best work they have ever done by trying to recreate the late 80’s would be kinda lame. There is something different about the songs and RD, there is layers of substance in the music, you can hear a freedom in the recordings and it makes a huge difference.

”Spin” is a flash from the past of the highest order, the music makes you want to dig out piles of records and shake your head like it was 1988, this is a collection of songs that are ‘foot tapping beats’ of Romeo’s Daughter iconic early songs.There is hints of these past days but this VERY much modern and sophisticated CD. ”Touch” , ”Already Gone” and ”Love Will Come To Those Who Wait” are the first 3 songs make you think they have come off a ”greatest hits compilation” but this is no compilation, this is how satisfying the quality of the songs are.What I like the most from the first 3 songs is its clear they are infused by each band members dedication and passion.What we have here is musicians playing at the top level, the songs are very accessible and show great character, sumptuous work!

Leigh Matty sounds enticing more than ever, friendly with her own technique that is real and true and Romeo’s Daughter have tailored their lyrics in the first 3 songs that create very strong and specific emotions in us. From the very start the band are grabbing your attention and you are caught and dying to hear more. Referring about “Spin”‘s lyrics  it seems to me to be about the politics of love, maybe a little examination of desire and how we flirt around its effects in today’s society, the complex relationships of men and women, who knows these are my interpretations; Craig Joiner is a master at writing songs, he gives you an honest look at where we are and who we are as humans dealing with all aspects of love and relationships.

I love how  ”Enemy”, ”Didn’t See It Coming’‘ and ”Radio’‘ were crafted because you listen how the music changes, the tone and pitch from the calm of ”Didn’t See it Coming” to the intriguing and increased volume of ”Radio”, dramatic and building the excitement and, man, ”Enemy” gives me the most pleasure, this song really connects with me, a few times in the past I have whispered the same words ” I am not the enemy”. The last bunch from ”Spin” (”Tonight’‘, ”All Because of You”, ”Perfect Plan” and ”Tall Buildings”) are still on the same level: these songs are still dealing with relationships, I like the spontaneous way of how the lyrics just flow. There something about ”Tonight” that just takes my breath away.

If your new to Romeo’s Daughter make sure this is the first CD  you buy because there are  so many memorable songs and lyrics on this CD and the music provides the best ingredients for a classic CD. Romeo’s Daughter have not surrendered their integrity and changed direction, they have always been fresh and unique, the best thing about this album is you can relate to all of the matter what age you are.

Rating: 100/100



  1. Touch
  2. Already Gone
  3. Love Will Come
  4. Enemy
  5. Didn’t See You Coming
  6. Radio
  7. Tonight
  8. All because Of You
  9. Perfect Plan
  10. Tall Buildings


Line Up

  • Leigh Matty – Vocals
  • Craig Joiner – Guitar
  • Ed Poole – Bass
  • Andy Wells – Drums



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