RUBY THE HATCHET – “Live At Earthquaker” EP (2022)

US hard/heavy metal Ruby the Hatchet is back with “Live at Earthquaker”, an EP that “should serve as a nice pre-cursor to their next full-length album”. Discover more in our review!

Ruby The Hatchet – “Live At Earthquaker”

Magnetic Eye Records

Review by Tony Cannella

Ruby The Hatchet – “Live At Earthquaker”
Ruby The Hatchet – “Live At Earthquaker”

Ruby the Hatchet was founded in New Jersey in 2011. Then, in the same year, it followed their debut self-titled EP. Up to now, Ruby the Hatchet has issued three full-length albums and another EP. The band now returns with a 3-song EP called “Live at Earthquaker”.

Despite the somewhat misleading title, “Live At Earthquaker” is not a live album, from what I can tell. Even so, the EP contains 3-songs and 14-minutes’ worth of high-energy hard and heavy rock and roll music displaying a raw edge and live energy to the songs. The opening track “1000 Years” opens with heavy guitars before settling into a dreamy, almost psychedelic vibe. As the song moves along, the riffs become monstrously heavier.

The vocals of Jillian Taylor are solid and emotional from the very beginning. Another cool thing about this track (and the others as well) is the classic rock-like usage of the Hammond Organ provided by Sean Hur. Then, “Primitive Man” is next. And, it picks up the tempo and is another excellent track.

The final track features a cover of the classic Uriah Heep song “Easy Livin’”. It’s indeed a great way to bring this EP to a close. I loved this cover and the band does it total justice. RTH pays homage to a great band while still putting their spin on the track. It’s what all good covers should be – plus, anybody that covers the mighty Heep is ok in my book.

Ruby the Hatchet has the songs, tools, and talent to go places. And, “Live at Earthquaker” should serve as a nice pre-cursor to their next full-length album should be released later this year.


  1. 1000 Years
  2. Primitive Man
  3. Easy Livin’

Line Up

  • Jillian Taylor – Vocals
  • Johnny Scarps – Guitar
  • Lake Muir – Bass
  • Sean Hur – Keyboards, organ
  • Owen Stewart – Drums, vocals

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