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Review by Tony Cannella

On the liner notes of their self-titled debut S.U.N. (Something Unto Nothing), the band states, “Something Unto Nothing is a concept record. The concept is no-frills, unfashionable, click-track/auto-tune free, loud gypsy rock record.” There it is in a nutshell, the mission statement for S.U.N. The band has assembled a pretty impressive line-up that features Canadian singer Sass Jordan who has already had a distinguished career going all the way back to 1988 with her debut album “Tell Somebody” (check out her awesome third album “Rats”), she is joined by multi-instrumentalist Brian Tichy (Whitesnake, Foreigner among others) and bassist Michael Devin. With that kind of talent on board this had to be one of the more anticipated debuts in recent memory. From the opening tune “Burned”, it is clear that S.U.N. is going to be an ass-kicker of a record. The steady groove on “Crazy Head” is next and has a bit of a Led Zeppelin vibe. “Nomad” is next and is a moody song. Sass Jordan’s Janis Joplin-esq raspy vocals are in full effect and it is great hearing her rocking out again, and she’s got the band to get the job done as well. Throughout the 13-song, 52-minutes worth of music provided here, S.U.N. gives us raw, guitar driven, blues based hard rock.

“Did Me No Good”, “Mobile” and “I’m The One” are solid and moves things along nicely. The almost seven minute rocker “Something Unto Nothing” is excellent and the closing ballad “Goodbye” is a great way to end things. Without a doubt, S.U.N. is like a well oiled rock and roll machine. With their self-titled debut this band has lived up to my expectations and maybe even surpassed them. Hopefully this isn’t a one shot deal and S.U.N. will be rocking us for years to come.

Rating – 88/100



  1. Burned
  2. Crazy Head
  3. Nomad
  4. Did Me No Good
  5. Mobile Again
  6. I’m the One
  7. If I Was You
  8. The Beginning of the End
  9. Razed
  10. Wide Ocean
  11. No Way Home
  12. Something Unto Nothing
  13. Goodbye


Line Up

  • Sass Jordan – Vocals
  • Brian Thomas Tichy – Guitars and Drums
  • Michael Devin – Bass and Harp
  • Tommy Stewart – Live Drums



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