SANTA LUCIA – “Perse palaa – The complete recorded works” (2019)


Label: Svart Records

Review by Tony Cannella

Full disclosure. Prior to this have had no knowledge of the Finnish hard rock band Santa Lucia. I was shocked to learn that they have been around since the 80s. Information on this band is mighty scarce on the internet, so, thanks to the fine folks at Svart Records, me and many other fans can get a crash course of what we have been missing out on. “Perse Palaa – The Complete Recorded Works – 1987-92” is a comprehensive collection of their short-lived career. Santa Lucia’s music is a combination of 80’s style hard rock with a punk rock attitude. “Perse Palaa” features a track-listing of 28-songs covering the duration of the band’s history. The lyrics are in Finnish, but rock music is universal so that doesn’t make a difference. Musically, the band comes across as a hungry animal that just goes for the jugular from the opening track “Viimeinen Aamu”. The band’s music is really edgy and has plenty of attitude, a fact that becomes all the more apparent with each listen. Overall, I really liked this release and I wonder how Santa Lucia was able to slip under the radar for so long. “Perse Paalaa” is a relentlessly enjoyable record and a comprehensive introduction for this cool band

Rating – 85/100


  1. Viimeinen Aamu
  2. Sankarit
  3. Serenadi
  4. Mullova
  5. Vihaan Sinua
  6. Hiljainen Mies
  7. Kaunista
  8. Sielunpilkkoja
  9. V.I.S.
  10. Sairaat Sielut
  11. Ruusutarha
  12. Ääni
  13. Haaremi
  14. Kiristävä silmä
  15. Harhaa
  16. Perse palaa
  17. Pumpzigapumzi
  18. Olen syytön
  19. Pelastus avaruudesta
  20. Sielunpilkkoja
  21. Viisas mies
  22. Mato
  23. Kaunista
  24. Sankarit
  25. Viimeinen aamu
  26. Pyhä yö
  27. Vihaan sinua
  28. Miljoona ruusua

  • Aide – Guitars
  • Häte – Drums
  • Kultsi – Bass guitar
  • Mape – Vocals
  • Sipe – Keyboards

Line Up:


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