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Review by Anthony ‘Tony’ Cannella

Sascha Paeth has become well known as a very in demand producer. He has helmed records for such great bands as Kamelot, Rhapsody and Epica to name a few. Prior to that he was the guitarist for one of the most underrated metal bands ever: Heaven’s Gate.  Now, he’s got a new project where his musicianship can take center stage, that band is called Sascha Paeth’s Masters of Ceremony.  On their debut, “Signs of Wings”, Sascha has assembled an impressive array of musicians, that all go into making a fierce debut.

Adrienne Cowan was a great pick to be the lead singer. Just listen to her band Seven Spires and it is obvious that she has tremendous abilities. “The Time Has Come” is a frenzied opening tune with some great all-over-the-place guitar work and Adrienne showing off her diverse vocal style right-off-the-bat. The song just soars, and it is hard not to get pumped up from the start. “Die Just A Little” keeps the momentum going and although still heavy, it’s got a melodic mid-tempo pacing to it.  The third song “Radar” is just so good. It starts with a stop/start guitar riff and quickly evolves into an infectious melodic metal masterwork.  Other highlights include: “My Anarchy”, “Sick” and “Signs of Wings”. Sascha Paeth’s Masters of Ceremony has delivered an inspiring, hungry masterpiece of a debut.  “Signs of Wings” is a job well done

Rating – 85/100


  1. The Time Has Come
  2. Die Just A Little
  3. Radar
  4. Where Would It Be
  5. My Anarchy
  6. Wide Awake
  7. The Path
  8. Sick
  9. Weight of the World
  10. Bound in Vertigo
  11. Signs of Wings

Line Up:

  • Sascha Paeth – Guitars
  • Adrienne Cowan – Vocals
  • Andre Neygenfind – Bass
  • Felix Bohnke – Drums
  • Corvin Bahn – Keyboards


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