ScareCrown – “No Time for Retreat” (2013)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

Hailing from Italy, the band ScareCrown was formed in 2003. In 2005 they released their first demo “’Till the Last Breath”. In 2008 they would issue their debut full-length entitled, “Letters From the Darkness”. Now, the band returns with their sophomore effort “No Time to Retreat”. This would actually be my musical introduction to these Italians, but no worries, their style is intense metal fused modern elements, and the vocals of Antonella are quite good.

“No Time to Retreat” clocks in at a brisk 37-minute over 11-songs. The tracks mostly are in the 3-4 minute range, with the exception of the two minute intro “Feel the Blackie”. The intro gives way to the crushingly heavy “Welcome the Dragon”. Next is “The March” which opens with powerful groove-laden riff and vocalist Antonella’s powerhouse vocals. This song has a catchy and memorable melody, which is always a plus. ScareCrown continues to bring the heaviness and monster riffs on the tracks, “Dirty Mouth”, “No Time to Retreat” and “Tread On My Way”.

“No Time to Retreat” may not be a great album but it is solid and quite consistent – perhaps not very diversified – but ScareCrown know what they’re good at and don’t stray too far from their template. ScareCrown has got a lot of ability and I have the feeling that they are ready to tap into their full potential.

Rating – 85/100



  1. Feel the Blackie (Intro)
  2. Welcome the Dragon
  3. The March
  4. Dirty Mouth
  5. My Empty Lightness
  6. No Time to Retreat
  7. Tread On My Way
  8. No Place For a Lonely Boy
  9. Against the Sun
  10. Bite the Bullet
  11. Last Piece of This Path


Line Up

  • Antonella – Vocals
  • Bosco – Guitar & Back Vocals
  • Ale – Bass
  • Grave – Drums



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