Label: KScope

Review by Eetu Niskanen

Se Delan are a duo consisting of multi-instrumentalist Justin Greaves and vocalist Belinda Kordic (Killing Mood). “The Fall” is Se Delan‘s debut album and it was released in April 2014.

“The Fall” is one of the most positive musical surprises I’ve encountered in a long while. The album sounds professional, quirky, addictive and very beautiful. I found myself drawn into Se Delan‘s dark world from the first notes of the intro track. I would describe the musical style as art rock, with influences from other styles. Many of these songs wouldn’t be out of place in a David Lynch movie.

The first highlight of the album comes in the form of “Beneath the Sea”. The six minute track showcases the duo’s strenghts impeccably. Belinda‘s soft and beautiful vocals are top notch and the groovy acoustic guitar sets the mood. Another highlight is “Tonight”, a catchy number that impresses with it’s bluesy rhythm and versatile vocals.

My favorite number however is the last song of the album, called “Lost Never Found”. The song starts with echoed vocals and quiet piano, but grows into rich, extremely emotional ending. Se Delan‘s debut album is truly impressive. The out of this world vocals, thought-provoking lyrics and the beautiful instrumentation together provides a modern classic.

Rating – 95/100



  1. Intro
  2. Chasing Changes
  3. Beneath the Sea
  4. Little One
  5. Today
  6. Tonight
  7. The Hunt
  8. Dirge
  9. On My Way
  10. Lost Never Found


Line Up

  • Belinda Kordic – Vocals
  • Justin Greaves  – All instruments




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