Secret Rule – “Machination” (2016)


Label: Scarlet Records

Review by Tony Cannella

Secret Rule is a metal band hailing from Italy. In February 2015 the band released their debut album “Transposed Emotions”. With their just released second album, “Machination”, the band incorporates a myriad of different sounds and styles from electronica to pop and of course metal. Secret Rule at their very heart is a metal band, but they certainly are not afraid to add different ingredients into the mix. Secret Rule brings to mind a band like Amaranthe with their ability to mix hard rock melodies with heavy music. That is not a bad band to be compare to at all; and Angela Di Vincenzo‘s vocals are as smooth as Elize Ryd‘s. “Ex Machina” kicks off the 11-track 48-minute album with a flurry of electronic sounds and some wonderful riffs. Next is “My Saviour” which certainly has an accessible quality to it thanks to its awesome melody and chorus. Other highlights include: “I Have the Sun”, “Dolls” and the emotional closing track “A Mother”. “Machination” is a pretty cool sophomore effort from Secret Rule. Admittedly I have not yet heard their debut, so I have nothing to compare it to, but taken on its own merits, “Machination” is a damn fine album.

Rating – 80/100



  1. Ex Machina
  2. The Saviour
  3. I Have the Sun
  4. Dolls
  5. I Will
  6. The Image
  7. You’re the Player
  8. Your Trap
  9. Foolish Daisy
  10. Short Stories
  11. A Mother


Line Up

  • Angela Di Vincenzo – Vocals
  • Andy Menario – Guitars
  • Michele Raspanti – Bass
  • Henrik Klingenberg – Keyboards
  • Sander Zoer – Drums


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