Seduce The Heaven – “Field of Dreams” (2013)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

2013 could be a big year for the Greek melodic thrash, death metal band Seduce the Heaven. In 2011 the band released a well received 5-song promo CD, now the band has finally released their full-length debut album “Field of Dreams”.

Seduce the Heaven utilizes the duel vocals from Marios Mizo (male growls) and Elina Laivera on clean female vocals. They use these styles as well as – if not better – than most bands. The songs are aggressive, but not so aggressive that they are unlistenable.

Elina is excellent and the chemistry she shares with Marios is one of the main highlights for me. Some highlights include: “Reflection”, “Leave Me Alone” and the wonderfully, non-stop energy of “Field of Dreams”. Those are just some key examples, some other favorites are: “Illusive Light” and “Falling”. From the word go, “Field of Dreams” is a relentless exorcise in aggressive, yet melodic and beautifully crafted songs. I was so impressed by their promo CD and saw a lot of promise in Seduce the Heaven; with “Field of Dreams”, that promise has been fully realized.

Rating – 97/100



  1. Reflection
  2. Walls of Oblivion
  3. Leave Me Alone
  4. Field of Dreams
  5. Illusive Light
  6. Falling
  7. Ignorance
  8. Helpless Mind
  9. Baseless Addiction
  10. In Close Distance


Line Up

  • Elina Laivera – Vocals
  • Marios Mizo – Growl
  • Alex Flouros – Guitars
  • Sinnik Al – Guitars
  • Chris Kollias – Bass
  • John Thomas – Drums


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