September Mourning – “Volume II” (2016)


Label: Sumerian Records

Review by Tony Cannella

September Mourning is a band with a unique perspective. Their albums are tied into one story, which will play out through the course of their releases, in conjunction with the comic book company Top Cow Productions. It is really a fascinating concept; a concept which continues on their new album “Volume II”. The opener “The Collection” gets us started. At just over a minute this song quickly segues into “Angels to Dust”. Throughout the 43-minutes contained on “Volume II”, September Mourning weaves a striking narrative on songs like “Eye of the Storm”, “Children of Fate”, “Skin and Bones” and  “20 Below”. Fans who love conceptual music should really check out “Volume II”. If you are not so much into the story end of things, but are more focused on the music, you should still check out “Volume II”. September Mourning has done a magnificent job of melding story-telling with quality music.

Rating – 88/100



  1. The Collection
  2. Angels to Dust
  3. Eye of the Storm
  4. Before the Fall
  5. Children of Fate
  6. Skin and Bones
  7. 20 Below
  8. Heart Can Hold
  9. Superhuman
  10. Live Like You’re Alive
  11. Stand By Me
  12. ‘Til You See Heaven


Line Up

  • Emily Lazar – Lead Vocalist & Keyboards
  • Rich Juzwick  – Guitars
  • Kyle Ort – Guitar
  • Jeriah Eager – Bass
  • Josh Fresia – Drums


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