Seremonia – “Ihiminen” (2013)


Label: Svart Records

Review by Cristina Gregori

Seremonia is a Finnish band, they play heavy psychedelic rock sings in Finnish language. The band influence can rely on the Finnish punk and prog rock. The voice of Noora Federley preaches the dark gospel that takes us into the dark. “Ihminen” means “Human” in Finnish brought us like magic in a perfect dark ceremony. It start fast with the witch master “Noitamestari” where Noora fully display her scratchy vocals. The whole album continues with moments of progressive and psychedelic rock wheelies.

The guitar riffs are really good in particular on “Ovi” – that is one of the most appeling- but the best surely is “Suuri Valkeus” (“The Great Light”) it’s so energetic and it fits perfectly. “Painajaisten Maa” take us into the land of nightmares with a real bleak atmosphere and it’s followed by the good rock of “Luonto Kotaa”. The ceremony ends with “Hallava Hevonen”, the pale horse that take us away slowly. A further improvment  from a band that in the future can only explode with its magical musical formula, I really cannot wait  to see them live.

Rating – 70/100



  1. Noitamestari
  2. Itsemurhaaja
  3. Ovi
  4. Suuri Valkeus
  5. Painajaisten maa
  6. Luonto kostaa
  7. Ihminen
  8. Itsemurhaaja II
  9. Vastaus Rukouksiisi
  10. Tähtien Takaa
  11. Halleva Hevonen


Line Up

  • Noora Federley -Vocals
  • Teemu Markkula – Electric & acustic guitars,synthesizer,backing vocals
  • Ville Pirinen- Electric guitar,synthesizer,backing vocals
  • Ikka Vekka- Bass, synthesizer
  • Erno Taipale – Drums,flute,guitar




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