Seremonia – “Seremonia” (2012)


Label : Svart Records

Review by Luisa Mercier

“Seremonia” is the Finnish word for “ceremony” and it conveys the world that the music of this band wants to create. Gloomy, dark, occult, evil, these are the adjectives that I will collocate with the songs they composed and even though in Finnish, the titles are quite explicit about the content and the source of inspiration. The self-titled intro is an electronic, mesmerizing piece that left with quite good expectations on what was to follow, but they were partially betrayed. First of all, I think that Noora‘s vocals are not suitable for this kind of music. She is quite cold, distant, not very expressive. Generally, women in occult/psychedelic rock deliver harsh, hard performances, but I also liked a lot the angelic voice of Jamie Myers in Sabbath Assembly.

So, I guess it’s just a subjective point of view. The low-fi production is a choice of the band, and I can understand the point, but there is something that just does not click with me. The sound of the guitars or the constant reverberation are not helping. Of course, there are interesting things too. The instruments department is good and the song “Aamuruskon Kaupunki” is quite varied and I liked the aggressive ending.

“Lusiferin Kaarmet” succeds in evoking a dark, mysterious atmosphere, even though I think that maybe Finnish is not the right language to play this kind of music. So, this record is recommended only if you are really a great fans of this kind of music, otherwise it might not be the right introduction to this complex genre.

Rating – 60/100



  1. Seremonia
  2. Uhrijuhla
  3. Rock ‘n Rllin Maailma
  4. Huutava Taivas, Kuiskaava Maa
  5. Aamuruskon Kaupunki
  6. Kosminen Ruumisvaunu
  7. Lusiferin Käärmeet
  8. Antikristus 666
  9. Kiirastulen Tähtisumu
  10. Hautakiven Varjossa


Line Up

  • Noora Federley – Vocals
  • Ville Pirinen – Guitars, background vocals, synth
  • Ilkka Vekka – Bass, synth, choirs
  • Erno Taipale – Drums, flute, guitar



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