Serpent Omega – “Serpent Omega” (2013)


Label : Mordgrimm Records

Review by Matteo Bussotti

The first release of Serpent Omega is an extremely powerful album, which combines doom, sludge and stoner metal with a taste of…grunge. Before insulting me, I just want to say that Pia‘s way of singing reminds me of those rusty, angry vocals typical of grunge music. Serpent Omega is a solid release, extremely powerful and very consistent. All the songs provide some devastating rhythms…and what could you expect from an album which has tracks called “Warmachine” and “Hammer” among the others?

“Serpent Omega” is great for some headbanging, alone or with some friends. Unfortunately, its solidity hinders its variety. The songs tend to be too similar one to each other; the resulting experience is a very exalting one, but you won’t feel many differences between one song and the other. Let’s put it this way: you’ll thrash your room and headbang around it for 40 minutes, and then think “Ok, what did I headbanged to?”.

“Serpent Omega” is a very good album for a thrashy moment: listen to one or two songs, break everything and then put it back in the cd case. Listening to it as a whole, first song to last, may be exciting, but it may also get tiring, sooner or later. Serpent Omega, also thanks to the excellent background to all of its components, are a very valid band who made a very good album. I sincerely hope they put a little more variety into their next release, because they’re so good I’m expecting them to put out a masterpiece album of doom. I’m really willing to wait for their next release, hopeful it’ll be a mind-blowing one!

Rating – 75/100



  1. Skullwand
  2. Smoke Ritual
  3. Hammer
  4. Warmachine
  5. Red Sun
  6. Serpent Omen
  7. Konflux


Line Up

  • Pia – Vocals
  • Jonsson – Guitar
  • Brief – Bass
  • Sakke – Drums


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