Seven Kingdoms – “The Fire Is Mine” (2012)


Label : Nightmare Records

Review by Tony Cannella

This is one that I have been looking forward to. The Florida based Power Metal band were impressive as hell on their self-titled 2nd album, which came out in 2010. That album marked the debut with the band of Sabrina Valentine. Now they return with an even meaner, heavier more aggressive new album entitled, “The Fire Is Mine”.

The intro “Beyond the Wall” sets the stage for the hard driving “After the Fall” and we are off and running. This is a particularly bombastic track that would make a great set opener. The song is accentuated with killer guitar harmonies and the soaring voice of Sabrina Valentine. Seven Kingdoms have always been great at fusing their songs with melody, whilst playing at a breakneck speed – and “The Fire is Mine” is no different. “Forever Brave” continues where “After the Fall” left off. The ballad “Kardia” offers a change of pace gives the listener a chance to catch their breath. Sabrina Valentine is joined by Theocracy frontman Matt Smith on this song.

The next two tracks “Fragile Minds Collapse” and “In the Twisted Twilight” are strong as well. “The Fire is Mine” is brought to an epic conclusion with the intro “A Debt Paid in Steel” which leads us into the almost 8-minute “The King in the North”. Heavy riffs abound throughout the 53-minute album and guitar work by Camden Cruz and Kevin Byrd is excellent. Lest anyone think that their previous album was a fluke, I would enthusiastically point them in the direction of “The Fire is Mine”. Seven Kingdoms have taken a massive step forward and have released – in my opinion – the power metal album of the year. This band is so good, it’s scary.

Rating – 97/100



  1. Beyond the Wall
  2. After the Fall
  3. Forever Brave
  4. Flame of Olympus
  5. Symphony of Stars
  6. The Fire is Mine
  7. Kardia
  8. Fragile Minds Collapse
  9. In the Twisted Twilight
  10. A Debt Paid in Steel


Line Up

  • Sabrina Valentine – Vocals
  • Camden Cruz – Guitars
  • Kevin Byrd – Guitars
  • Aaron Sluss – Bass
  • Keith Byrd – Drums


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