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Review by Tony Cannella

It seems like I have been hearing about Boston‘s Seven Spires forever, or at least a very long time. The buzz has been deafening and now is time to see what all the fuss is about. They are described as theatrical metal and that is a very apt description. Their songs are conceptual and have quite a visual vibe and the band infuses and enhances their sound with elements of symphonic metal, prog and a healthy dose of the theatrical. Their debut full-length “Solveig” has been unleashed upon us and it is time to see if Seven Spires do indeed live up to the hype. With a running time of over an hour, and 15-songs, “Solveig” has a lot to process, but in the end, it is definitely worth it. The piano intro “The Siren” sets just the right atmosphere before giving way to the energetic bombast of “Encounter”. After listening to these opening tracks – and indeed – the rest of the album, I had to ask myself, is this really just a debut? The band definitely has all the assuredness of someone who should be well into their career. “The Siren (Reprise)” is next and leads us into the awesomely unique “The Cabaret of Dreams”. Adrienne Cowan is just as good doing aggressive metal vocals as she is singing in a clean style as you will hear on “The Paradox”. Other highlights include: “Choices”, “Closure” and “Burn”. “Solveig” is not a good album, it is a great album. It has been awhile since I heard such a young band who carry themselves like veterans in the music business. Saying that Seven Spires are so good it’s ridiculous.

Rating – 95/100



  1. The Siren
  2. Encounter
  3. The Siren (Reprise)
  4. The Cabaret of Dreams
  5. Choices
  6. Closure
  7. 100 Days
  8. Stay
  9. The Paradox
  10. Serenity
  11. Depths
  12. Distant Lights
  13. Burn
  14. Ashes
  15. Reflections


Line Up

  • Adrienne Cowan – Vocals
  • Jack Kosto – Guitar
  • Peter Albert De Reyna – Bass



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