Severnica – “Long Lost Longing” EP (2014)


Independent Release

Review by CriX

Severnica is a symphonic metal band from Finland and their debut 4-track EP “Long Lost Longing” was released  back in 2014.  Probably the sextet with the first track “Mirror and Me”,  deliver, in my opinion,  THE best track of this EP thanks to its progressive metal flavoured keyboards and Maarit Nieminen‘s amazing vocals: man, she has a lot of potential and a good control of her instrument. If “Long Lost Longing” intro reminisces to the first Nightwish era and it creates a sorta of fantasy atmosphere instead “My Journey” has in the vocal constrast between the clear and the growl (we didn’t find any precise infos about it but we presume it’s Maarit herself singing that part too) who is singing the perfect ingredient to being a catchy song. Even if I love how, in the last song “Dream”, the keyboards and guitar mix between eachother, on the other side I didn’t enjoy Maarit‘s vocal lines at all. The mystical artwork conceived by Enamorte deserves a special mention for its beauty: for sure she got inspired by “Mirror and Me”. In the end, Severnica is definitely a band to keep on eye and I really advice this release to the fan of Nightwish and Epica.

Rating – 70/100



  1. Mirror and Me
  2. Long Lost Longing
  3. My Journey
  4. Dream


Line Up

  • Maarit Nieminen – Vocals
  • Tuomo Schwela – Guitars
  • Lauri Pälvimaa – Guitars
  • Teemu Tolmunen – Keyboards
  • Timo Vilppu – Bass
  • Ville Vainio – Drums

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