Shroud Eater – “ThunderNoise” (2011)


Independent Release

Review by Luisa Mercier

After releasing their EP in 2009, Shroud Eater are back with their brilliant debut album.
The guitar player, Jeannie Saiz, is in charge of the vocals and despite being a girl, she delivers a powerful screaming performance! “Thunderstone” features 11 songs, 3 of those are re-recorded versions of “We Are Beasts”, “Vesuvius” and “Cyclone” which also appeared on their EP.

Throughout them, we find various rock approaches that range from straightforward rock to more complex styles especially in the track titled “Oubliette” which is the album’s core track. “Oubliette” is a blend of progressive metal and stoner rock, definetely the highlight of “Thundernoise”.

More basic and without frills is “Sinister Hunt” and along the same lines we find “”Baying of Jackals” . Honestly, I think that these are the things that Shroud Eater can play better and are driven by an adrenalinic display of energy. There are some flaws in the production of the drums, but they are easily overcome by the driving guitar and bass lines. So far, so good then, there’s a full potential of possibilities ahead of this band!

Rating – 70/100



  1. High John the Conqueror
  2. Vesuvius
  3. Cyclone
  4. Shark Valley
  5. We Are Beasts
  6. Descent From the Summit
  7. Oubliette
  8. Baying Of Jackals
  9. Sinister Hunt
  10. Hands That Prey
  11. Pale Rider


Line Up

  • Jeannie Saiz – Guitar & Vocals
  • Janette Valentine – Bass
  • Felipe Torres – Drums


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