SICK N’BEAUTIFUL – “Starstruck” (2022)

Italian electronic hard rock band Sick N’ Beautiful are back with their third album “Starstruck” “is ready to dominate and devastate” the world. Discover more here!

SICK N’BEAUTIFUL – “Starstruck” (2022)

Label: Frontiers Music SRL

Review by Tony Cannella

SICK N'BEAUTIFUL - "Starstruck" (2022)
SICK N’BEAUTIFUL – “Starstruck” (2022)

Sick N’ Beautiful, offers an eclectic mix of electronic, industrial, hard rock, metal band. The band has been around a number of years and judging by photos and videos, it is obvious that Sick N’ Beautiful if a visual band. Being a visual band is great, but if you don’t have the tunes to back it up, you’re not going to have a long shelf-life. With their new album “Starstruck”, Sick N’ Beautiful have more than proven that they have the songs to back and the ability to back it up.

“Tonight We Go to War” is the bombastic opening track and what a ripper of a tune it is, and it also features a fantastic shredding guitar solo. The next track “Starstruck” is f-ing phenomenal. 

With lyrics about the Hollywood sunset strip music scene of the 80s this song absolutely rips and is probably my favorite song. The pounding “Drop it 2 the B” is next and definitely shows that the band has something different going on. “This is Not the End” is another strong track and a highlight. Sick N’ Beautiful is a strong album and maintains a level of consistency, thanks to songs like “Defy the Light”, “Deep End Dark”, “Pull of Gravity” and “Angels Be Fallin’”.  The thing about the songs on “Starstruck” is that there is always a thread of melody running through their songs and the musicianship is great as well. 

With “Starstruck”, Sick N’ Beautiful is ready to dominate and devastate. It’s true that Sick n’ Beautiful is a visual band, but that should not overshadow the music, their songs are good enough to stand on their own and in the end, that’s what matters.


  1. Tonight We Go To War
  2. Starstruck
  3. Drop It 2 The B
  4. This Is Not The End
  5. Defy The Light
  6. Deep End Dark
  7. Schadenfreude
  8. Pull Of Gravity
  9. Pray Tell Me
  10. Angels Be Fallin’


  • Herma – Vocals
  • Nemes – Guitar
  • L0r1 – Guitar
  • Big Daddy Ray – Bass
  • Evey – Drums

SICK N’BEAUTIFUL – “Starstruck” (2022)

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