SILENCE IN THE SNOW – “Levitation Chamber” (2019)


Prophecy Productions

Review by Warren Mayocchi

With an deep tone and ominous drum strike “Levitation Chamber” opens. The strong drums on the opening track are explained when you realise Silence In The Snow is a duo of Trevor DeSchryver (drums) and Cyn M (vocals, guitars). They consider themselves to be a dark ethereal collaboration and it is apt. However, given this description, it might be then be a surprise to observe the strong presence of the beating drum on the tracks. The dark ethereal qualities result from the vocal performance and the primarily jangly tone and rhythm of the guitar. Cyn M sings in a range and style which reminds me of Alison Moyet. There is a nowhere to hide in a band of two people, and both of them prove to be talented musicians without need for anyone else to cover flaws. They fill out the space within a song well between them, though there is a sparse atmosphere created in listening to the album which I do enjoy – it allows for a good appreciation for what is presented to us. If there any drummers in the audience I think they might love the album as the drumkit is one of the lead voices for Silence In The Snow. Vocals and guitar tend to provide a subdued melody and underlying rhythmic elements much of the time. For this reason alone I want to hear more of what Silence In The Snow is doing as they have an interesting edge. Overall though, it would be helped with clearer distinction between songs. “Smoke Signals” has a music video, it shows off the band well. There is a meditative tranquility to what Levitation Chamber is, and I am happy enough to enjoy the album for what it is. Will it stay with me, will I think of it in years beyond now, would I be disappointed if I had never heard it? Unfortunately the answer to those questions is no, even though I do like what I hear. This duo might be an evolving project, if so, this album makes me keen to hear what they do next. What is beyond doubt is that Levitation Chamber has a startling opening, excellent musicianship, and bears up extremely well to repeated listening.

Rating – 80/100


  1. Time Will Tell You Nothing
  2. Smoke Signals
  3. Crystal Spear
  4. Garden Of Echoes
  5. In The Dark
  6. Cruel Ends
  7. Dread The Low

Line Up:

  • Cyn M. – Guitars, vocals
  • Trevor DeSchryver – Drums


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