Silent Cry – “Hypnosis” (2016)


Label: Megahard Records

Review by Warren Mayocchi

The words “Silent Cry” evoke thoughts of hidden agony, or the image of a young child in so much pain they do not add voice to the scream they are displaying. Here though, Silent Cry do make a sound, and the strains of gothic symphonic metal music are what you will hear. The band is fronted by vocals which live up to the experience promised by the album’s title – there are clean male and female vocals along with harsh to growling vocals from Dilpho Castro (also on Guitars) and Joyce Vasconcelos. The band has a lot of experience, having existed since 1994, and current lineup is completed by Roberto Freitas (Bass), Douglas Nilson (Lead Guitars), and Ricardo Confessori (Drums). However, the band lineup does not adequately give you a good idea of this album, it is heavily supported by orchestral elements.

Title track, “Hypnosis”, opens with a questioning melody and occasional ominous bass notes. Then the female singer and orchestral elements enter innocently, soon to be followed by drumming, signalling a return of the ominous presence. With a heavy riff and harsh vocal, the ominous presence appears in full strength. What a wonderfully evocative song it is, though the lyrical content is simple and repetitive, I love floating along with this song – it also has a music video for you to sample. “Hypnosis” does provide a good idea of what you will hear with the remainder of the album. There are a few songs which replace the growls with clean male vocals. “Fullness” is one of those, it begins with atmospheric acoustic guitars and harmonics, then the male vocal continues the mood, later to be joined by the feminine. At eight minutes long, “Fullness” does venture into through a varied landscape, the track reminds me of music by The Reasoning.

“Hypnosis” is a fantastic album for lovers of symphonic metal. It delivers eight songs for nearly fifty minutes of music, I wish it were longer. If you wish to purchase the album, you can contact the band on their Facebook page or try out the purchase link, setup during the preparation of this review, for international customers; “Hypnosis” is definitely worth the purchase effort.

Rating – 90/100



  1. Hypnosis
  2. Acceptance
  3. Tragic Memory
  4. Hypnotized by Love
  5. Waiver
  6. Cosmic Consciusness
  7. Resolution
  8. Fullness


Line Up

  • Joyce Vasconcelos – Vocals
  • Dilpho Castro – Guitar & Vocals
  • Douglas Nilson – Lead Guitar
  • Roberto Freitas – Bass
  • Ricardo Confessori – Drums



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