SilentLie – “Layers of Nothing” (2015)


Label: Bakerteam Records

Review by Tony Cannella

Wow! The new album from Italian metallers SilentLie is pretty damn cool. The band formed in 2005 and after two EPs, SilentLie have signed to Bakerteam Records and the result is their excellent full-length debut “Layers of Nothing”.

SilentLie combines melodic metal with a modern metal approach with some guitar riffs that would make Black Sabbath proud. In lead vocalist Giorgia Sacco Taz, SilentLie has a charismatic front woman with a huge voice which conveys plenty of power and emotion. “Unbreakable” kicks things off in ferocious fashion. The band keeps the riffs coming on songs like “Invisible Fall”, “Layers of Nothing” and “Slave”. There is something very old school and classic about their sound, but SilentLie still manages to inject the songs with a modern metal influence. It definitely is the best of all worlds.

With “Layers of Nothing”, SilentLie pretty much goes from strength-to-strength. There is no arguing with the results, like I said, pretty damn cool and then some.

Rating – 89/100



  1. Unbreakable
  2. Invisible Fall
  3. Layers of Nothing
  4. Slave
  5. My Scream is Silence
  6. The Worst Enemy
  7. Change
  8. We Are Wolves
  9. Anger
  10. Dark Nights


Line Up

  • Giorgia Sacco Taz – vocals
  • Luigi Pressacco – guitars
  • Davide Sportiello – bass/keyboards
  • Andrea Piergianni – drums



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