Sin7sinS – “Carnival of No Tomorrow” (2012)


Label: S7S Records

Review by Tony Cannella

On their 2010 debut album “Perversion LTD.”, the Dutch melodic Gothic metal band Sin7sinS hit the mark with an impressive debut, now with their sophomore album “Carnival of No Tomorrow”, the band has reached another gear.

The ominous intro to the opening track “Brimstone Ignition” gives way to some slamming guitars as the clean vocals of Lotus joins in. She is accompanied by some male vocals on this opening track. In addition to Lotus – who is the focal point of the band – she is surrounded by some solid musicians. The next track “Sick of You” is brimming with attitude and a killer melody; this instantly became a favorite. “Pornstar Love” keeps things on course and has an electronic vibe to it on parts of the song. Next is the ballad “Shadows & Dust”, this is an okay track, but the thing that really caught my attention was the power in Lotus’ vocals. Two special guest stars are featured on “Carnival of No Tomorrow” and they come in successive songs. The first one is Mark Jansen from Epica who contributes his distinctive voice to “As Romance Dies”. Next is Dan Swanö who provides vocals to the beautifully melancholic “Cyanide Symphony”. With each of these guests the songs are tailor made for their vocals and are a treat for the fans. Other highlights include: “Carnivores at Carnival”, “Revolt Tonight” and “Jenkins’ Nightmare” while the symphonic outro “March to Ruin” wraps things up nicely.

“Perversion LTD.” was released via Massacre records, “Carnival of No Tomorrow” comes out through the bands own label. I’m not sure what happened with their former label, but when you have something this good it would seem a shame to not have anyone hear it, so it is great that “Carnival of No Tomorrow” has seen the light of day.

Rating – 90/100



  1. Brimstone Ignition
  2. Sick of You
  3. Pornstar Love
  4. Shadows & Dust
  5. Carnivores at Carnival
  6. Pain Induced Craze
  7. As Romance Dies (with Mark Jansen)
  8. Cyanide Symphony (with Dan Swanö)
  9. Revolt Tonight!
  10. Jenkins’ Nightmare
  11. March to Ruin


Line Up

  • Lotus – Vocals
  • Gen Morphine – Guitar, Vocals
  • Tristan Hex – Guitar
  • JD Acid – Bass
  • Heresy 101 – Drums


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