Sinheresy – “Paint the World” (2013)


Label: Bakerteam Records

Review by Tony Cannella

“Paint the World” is the full-length debut from the Italian power metal band Sinheresy. They already made a positive impression with their 2011 EP “The Spiders and the Butterfly” and with this new full-length the band has certainly raised the bar to an even higher level.

The orchestral opening to “Last Fall” segues into full-on power metal riffing and the power metal vocals of male singer Stefano Sain starts off before Cecilia Petrini joins in with her soaring vocals on the chorus. This is song is just a heavy-as-hell exercise in top-notch power metal. “The Gambler” follows seamlessly with more straight-forward, hard charging riffs and “Paint the World” continues to find its groove. Cecilia takes the lead on this track with some hefty contributions from Stefano and this is a song that packs some serious heaviness combined with a combustible melody and those riffs are just huge. By the way, as far as duel male/female vocal bands go, Sinheresy is one of the better ones out there. They don’t rely too much on the beauty and the beast concept (which there is nothing wrong with) but combined with the heaviness and ferocity of the music, the two vocalists allows their unique vocal personalities to shine. The intro to “Paint the World” shows a different side to the band and is a bit disarming at first, but then the rest of the band joins in and this song is transformed into a beautiful mid-tempo, melodic metal track. Other highlights include: “Roses & Thorns” (a great ballad), “Breakpoint” and “Lost in Shadows”. Their debut EP was great and the full-length “Paint the World” is just as good… if not better. Sinheresy is a fantastic band and “Paint the World” more than proves it.

Rating – 89/100



  1. Last Fall
  2. The Gambler
  3. Paint the World
  4. Roses & Thorns
  5. Made For Sin
  6. Breakpoint
  7. Lost in the Shadows
  8. Our Angel
  9. Elua’s Gift
  10. Lying Dreams


Line Up

  • Cecilia Petrini – Vocals & Piano
  • Stefano Sain – Vocals
  • Lorenzo Pasutto – Guitars
  • Davide Sportiello – Bass
  • Daniele Giradelli – Keyboards
  • Alex Vescovi – Drums


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