Sister Sin – “Black Lotus” (2014)


Label: Victory Records

Review by Tony Cannella

Sweden’s Sister Sin is one hell of an in-your-face, confrontational band. With their 5th album “Black Lotus” this Gothenburg based has really upped the ante and produced – what I believe to be – their best album.

Even though Sister Sin comes at you head on, that does not mean that they don’t have a sense of humor. Just listen to the lyrics to one of the best songs “Chaos Royale”, ‘I’ll put an end to all music that sucks, according to my flawless taste’, that is just a sampling but throughout the record lead vocalist Liv spits out the lyrics with all the subtlety of a machine gun. Musically, the band continues to have that classic Motorhead vibe. Another favorite is “Count Me Out” which has a great slow build before developing into a grinding track with a great, anthemic chorus. Other highlights include: “Au Revoir”, “Desert Queen”, “Stones Thrown” and “Ruled By None”.

With “Black Lotus” Sister Sin is at their most hostile, ironic and they are also at their best. “Black Lotus” does not mess around for a minute, it goes straight for throat and doesn’t let go until the final notes are played.

Rating – 95/100



  1. Food for Worms
  2. Chaos Royale
  3. Au Revoir
  4. Desert Queen
  5. Count Me Out
  6. Stones Thrown
  7. The Jinx
  8. Ruled By None
  9. Sail North


Line Up

  • Liv – Vocals
  • Jimmy – Guitar
  • Strandh – Bass
  • Dave – Drums


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