Sleeping Romance – “Enlighten” (2013)


Label: Ulterium Records

Review by Tony Cannella

From Italy, the band Sleeping Romance plays intricate, cinematic symphonic metal. Their debut album is called “Enlighten”, and for a debut it could not be more pleasing to these ears.

After the opening intro “Hybrid Overture”, the band segues into the strong track “Enlighten”. I just loved the lead vocals provided by Federica Lanna. That was something I picked up on right away. She doesn’t use the typical operatic style – but she does have that capability – instead she goes for a more laid back, lyrical approach, and the band is on fire throughout this track as the song features its share of bombastic moments. “The Promise Inside” is a melodic track with a bit of a melancholic feel – and some nice heavy guitars. Other highlights include: “Soul Reborn”, “Free Me” and “Devil’s Cave”.

“Enlighten” is an album that draws you in and paints a cool picture with the music and the lyrics. Sleeping Romance is another exceptional Italian band and one that can appeal to the symphonic metal crowd as well as the mainstream.

Rating – 86/100



  1. Hybrid Overture
  2. Enlighten
  3. The Promise Inside
  4. Soul Reborn
  5. Free Me
  6. December Flower
  7. Finding My Way
  8. Passion Lost
  9. Devil’s Cave
  10. Aeternam


Line Up

  • Federica Lanna – Vocals
  • Federico Truzzi – Guitars and orchestration
  • Nicholas Bonavoglia – Guitars
  • Lorenzo Costi – Bass
  • Francesco Zanarelli – Drums


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