SORAIA – “Bloom” (2022)

The Philadelphia-based post-grunge band Soraia is back with their full-length “Bloom” which ” features tracks in which the trio is letting go of things that weigh them down and finally become their own, musically and otherwise”. Read our review from our new editor Kay.

Wicked Cool Records

Review by Kay Marshworth

SORAIA - "Bloom" (2022)

The Philadelphia-based post-grunge band, Soraia, has finally released their brand-new single entitled “I Seek Fire” for their growing fanbase via Wicked Cool Records. The trio had poured their true selves into this chart smashing, ten track
masterpiece. With Sig’s resounding drumbeats in line with Smith’s thunderous basslines, Mansour’s lyrics about overcoming blockades which they’ve never faced before, echo through the speakers, influencing and dominating an entire era of alternative listeners. After 5 years since their debut album “Dead Reckoning”, the band makes it known that they’ve still got what it takes to truly “Seek Fire” among new and veteran listeners.

I feel as if I’m taken straight to New York City’s own CBGB whilst listening to this record. The absolute grit and realness brought to the table by these tracks is remarkably immaculate. Not many bands are able to conjure up an entire storyline and keep it continuous and legible amidst 10 tracks. Perhaps, we’re able to feel as if we’re walking through this storybook alongside the trio considering the fact that the tunes reflect personal journeys as well as fictional quests in which Mansour’s mind is incredibly familiar with.

The band has kept an auditory scrapbook going as they complete album after album. Previously mentioned, “Dead Reckoning” was about taking a glimpse into their pasts, “Dig Your Roots”, released right before the world had fallen apart, can be seen as the band coming to love who they are, and most recently “Bloom” features tracks in which the trio is letting go of things that weigh them down and finally become their own, musically and otherwise.

This band is something I never knew that I needed in my life until “Jokers, Thieves, and Liars” blared through my headphones. Rapidly turning these storybook pages as Sig sends an electroshock through my veins is only but a motivator to see what the next track holds. Their monstrous melodies that drive this album, rather they be loud and rough or slow and passionate, make me want to get up and scream along.

“Jackson’s Song” is so well-placed within the track list that it can strike a tear that’s easily wiped away once “Mephistopheles” hits the speakers. ZouZou even claims,” [Mephistopheles] holds its place at the end of our record for a reason…” which is ever so reassuring as the electrifying chorus of the piece sets us to rest easy. Evening after seeing how humble they remain after receiving praise from huge names within the music industry is astonishing.

Joan Jett, Steven Van Zandt, and Jon Bon Jovi report not wanting to press pause on “Bloom”, and honestly, neither do I! I haven’t heard such an introspective band in such a long time, so the consumption of this innovative piece of work is such a breath of fresh air. Knowing that the trio will continue to give us the kick-ass music they’ve been serving for half of a decade is part of what’s keeping post-grunge alive.


  1. Jokers, Thieves, and Liars
  2. Tight-Lipped
  3. I Seek Fire
  4. Broken Cocoon
  5. She’s Already Dead
  6. Hammer and the Anvil
  7. Secret Medicine
  8. Strutter
  9. Jackson’s Song
  10. Mephistopheles

Line Up

  • ZouZou Mansour- Lead vocals, tambourine
  • Travis Smith- Bassist, backing vocals
  • Brianna Sig- Drummer, backing vocals
  • Mike Dudolevitch – Lead/ Rhythm guitars, piano (“I Seek Fire”)
  • John Hildenbrand – Organ

SORAIA – “Bloom” (2022)

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