Sorronia – “Words of Silence” (2013)


Label:  Bakerteam Records

Review by Tony Cannella

Sorronia is a symphonic, gothic metal band from Budapest, Hungary. The band has just released their debut album entitled, “Words of Silence”. With a running time of around 31 ½ minutes, “Words of Silence” is more like an EP but the important thing here is the quality of the music, which “Words of Silence” has plenty of.

After the symphonic-centric “Intro” the band segues into the excellent “Fallen Angel”. This is a pretty unique tune in that lead vocalist Anna Kiraly performs a duet of sorts with a male vocalist who delivers his line in more of a spoken word fashion. Pretty cool beginning, I think. The bombastic “Enemy of Yourself” is next and features some cool interplay between the heavy guitars and piano. “Serenade of Memories” has a folk vibe to it and a huge orchestral sound. Lead vocalist Anna is impressive with her angelic and expressive delivery. I like how each song has its own identity and vibe. They don’t merely blend together; each song has its own personality and feeling. “Lost in Falling” ratchets up the bombast and the tempo. “Shattered” has an undeniable melody attached to it and is another favorite. After which, the trio of “My Eternal Land”, “Leave It Behind” and “This Is The End” close things out.

Sorronia is a young band and I am sure that they will grow and progress as they become more experienced. That being said, I really like where this band is at right now and “Words of Silence” is a pretty damn good debut.

Rating – 89/100



  1. Intro
  2. Fallen Angel
  3. Enemy of Yourself
  4. Serenade of Memories
  5. Lost in Falling
  6. Shattered
  7. My Eternal Land
  8. Leave It Behind
  9. This Is the End


Line Up

  • Anna Király – Vocals
  • László “Hümér” Szabó – Guitars
  • István Biró – Keyboards
  • László Ollós – Bass
  • Kristóf Vízi – Drums



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