Stevie Nicks – “24 Karat Gold – Songs From the Vault” (2014)


Label: Reprise Records/Warner Music

Review by Tony Cannella

To say that Stevie Nicks is a rock and roll legend is an understatement, naturally. She has influenced countless artists over the years – both with the iconic Fleetwood Mac and through a successful solo career. With her 8th solo album – and first since 2011 – Miss Nicks returns to expound on her legend status.

“24 Karat Gold” is a bit different than your average new album. The album track-listing is mostly made up of re-recorded demos that were originally done between 1969-1987. It’s obvious that Stevie Nicks had a ton of music in the vaults and it is a great thing that she decided to share the songs. Lasting over an hour, “24 Karat Gold” opens with the up-tempo “Starshine” and is followed by the AOR rich ballad “The Dealer”; this is Stevie Nicks at her best. The songs don’t really stray too far from what Stevie is known for and the 3rd track “Mabel Normand” is classic Nicks. Other highlights include: “24 Karat Gold”, “Lady” and “Belle Fleure”.

With “24 Karat Gold” Stevie Nicks proves that she still has the ability to mesmerize and astound with her voice. While this may not be her finest hour, Stevie Nicks proves that she’s still got it.

Rating – 77/100


  1. Starshine
  2. The Dealer
  3. Mabel Normand
  4. Blue Water
  5. Cathouse Blues
  6. 24 Karat Gold
  7. Hard Advice
  8. Lady
  9. I Don’t Care
  10. All The Beautiful Worlds
  11. Belle Fleur
  12. If You Were My Love
  13. Carousel
  14. She Loves Him Still


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