Another Century / Red Music

Review by Warren Mayocchi

Mid-2019 Stitched Up Heart released “Lost” the first track on their new album Darkness. The music video for “Lost” shows the band in a live environment and in collaboration with vocalist Sully Erna who provides a harsh counterpoint vocal style giving us a song reminiscent of what you might hear from Amaranthe, Lacuna Coil or In This Moment. It is a good opening track and provides a demonstration of how good the band can be. Also on video you can watch “Warrior” a good comparison to what was displayed in “Lost” as it is one of the weaker tracks on “Darkness”. In “Warrior” the lyrical content is reduced, with too much repetition of the word “warrior” and the musical style lacks general variety or voice of Sully Erna  to give it a boost of energy. It is not a terrible song, and if you love it then the album is definitely one for you. However, others may be less forgiving of the pop-rock tendencies on display. I like what can be heard on Darkness – it definitely has edgy pop influences reminding me of Ayria – but there are too many tracks like “Warrior” for those who only enjoy “Lost” to be happy with the album. There are definitely of fantastic songs for those who enjoy the style they have created. When the band shine they use a contrasting vocal (or vocalist) as they did on “Lost” and “My Demon”, a broader lyrical content as they do on “This Skin”, or wider variety in their song crafting, even embracing their pop tendencies, as on “Bones” and “Crooked Halo”. If the stylistic mix on Darkness appeals to you, give them some support, it must be difficult for artists with work being released during these days of lockdowns and COVID-19 – I suspect they will be a fun band to see live once we are all able. There is definitely great content in Darkness which deserves love and respect but be aware it is not the experience of pitch-black night for which you might be looking.

Rating – 82/100


  1. Lost
  2. This Skin
  3. Problems
  4. Warrior
  5. Straitjacket
  6. Dirty Secrets
  7. Darkness
  8. Bones
  9. Dead Roses
  10. Crooked Halo
  11. My Demon

Line Up

  • Mixi – Vocals
  • Decker – Drums
  • Merritt – Guitar
  • Randy – Bass


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