Superlynx – “New Moon” (2019)


Label: Dark Essence Records

Review by Warren Mayocchi

A new moon is by definition dark and so is Superlynx. “New Moon” is their second album and their style is on full display in the music video for “Hex“. On “Hex” you hear the band’s signature sound; a generally clean guitar providing a mysterious melody amidst the desolate atmosphere of vocals, bass, and drums. Over the first few listens through the album the stark vocals were not for me. Taking a short break and then further listening allowed me to better enjoy everything else around the drone of the vocals and I gained a couple of important insights. One; I had been in the wrong mood when listening the first time, it happens sometimes, but it is a pleasant surprise to return to find gleaming gems in what was once simply darkness. My second realisation was simply a better affinity with the sound of Superlynx. Perhaps, it could be said the second is a natural step from the first, but it is rarely the case. Harmonising a human with music is such a personal experience it cannot be properly shared or explained, yet that is how I found my second journey into the night with “New Moon“. Surprising to me because of the polar contrast with the first attempts.

Repeated listening has not diminished the connection. While I cannot express a major change to my first impressions of the voice, the vocals became part of the atmospheric darkness rather than a lead I followed. This was the alteration in me, drums and guitars are the voice which connected with me on “New Moon“. There is ample variety in repetitive playing of “New Moon” to remain engaged with the music. In fact, it has been the soundtrack to my recent weeks. Now I cannot imagine the album otherwise, I would not change the vocals at all. All the pieces fit together so well, I can imagine the band being more expressive vocally, but not with this set of songs. Superlynx claim to be a doom/psych trio, the label probably does suit the music, but how can anyone adequately label music which connects to the primal self? From the almost “Paint It Black” moments of “The Groove” to the cosmic album cover this is an album which will remain a part of me.

Rating- 85/100



  1. Hex
  2. Breath
  3. Becoming the Sea
  4. New Moon
  5. Indian Summer
  6. These Children That Come at Us with Knives
  7. Scarecrow
  8. Cold Black Sea
  9. The Groove
  10. The Thickest Night


Line Up

  • Pia Isaksen – Vocals & Bass
  • Daniel Bakken – Guitars
  • Ole Teigen – Drums & Vocals

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