Tarja – “Luna Park Ride” CD/DVD (2015)


Label: earMusic

Review by CriX

The queen of the symphonic metal Tarja Turunen is back with the live DVD and double CD “Luna Park Ride” and this is not your typical DVD because it was filmed by fans during the concert in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on 27th of March 2011. I think that she had a great idea because normally during the shows is forbidden to shoot any videos and photos: due to this particular point of view you have the feeling to be there, among the audience.
The live starts with “Dark Star” where Tarja‘s band plays concealed by a black transparent cloth which get dropped right in the middle of song and she wears a matched gray suit jacket and pants. In “The Crying Moon” the bass line by Doug Wimbish is incredible and as her tradition with “I Walk Alone” marks one of her countless dress change where she wears a long sweater and some grey leggings. Argentina represents for Tarja  her second home so it seems the right occasion to pay homage with the cover of “Signos” from the rock band Soda Stereo who get dedicated to the late singer/guitarist of the band, Gustavo Cerati.

After playing the magnificent “Little Lies”, it’s time for a Nightwish‘s old tune. Believe us when we say that the fans has gone mental when the first note of “Stargazers” were played, the same happened during the special medley composed by Ankie Begger‘s “Where Were You Last Night”, Belinda Carlisle‘s “Heaven Is a Place on Earth” and Bon Jovi‘s “Livin’ on a Prayer”. “Until My Last Breath” was supposed to be the closing song but the fans are hungry for more especially of old hit from Nightwish so Tarja (and her band) gift the audience by playing “Wishmaster” while at the same time, wearing as a token of love for her fans, a personalized t-shirt of the Argentinian football team. I really enjoyed the gig, and in particular I loved the different video angles. It’s quite the experience.

In addition to this full and complete live show you can find also a lot of bonus material from Master of Rock 2010 in Vizovice (CZ), Summer Breeze Open Air 2011-2014 in Dinkelsbuhl(D), Tele Club 2014 in Yekaterinburg (RU) and Wacken Open Air 2014 in Wacken  (D). Worth to mention for sure are the performances at the Summer Breeze 2011 where Tarja, in some ways, wrote a chapter of history in being the first solo artist from Finland to being awarded with a golden disc in Germany and at Wacken Open Air she performed a dramatic and at the same time a funny version (the ending is so hilarious and can procure an headache) of “Anteroom of Death” with the German a cappella band Van Canto. The power of music, the joy of fans, the atmosphere will make you sing not only Tarja’s song but also the jingle “Tarja ole’ ole’ ole'” so be convinced when we sincerely recommend to invest your money in this fantastic release.

Rating – 95/100



  1. Dark Star
  2. My Little Phoenix
  3. The Crying Moon
  4. I Walk Alone
  5. Falling Awake
  6. Signos (SODA STEREO cover)
  7. Little Lies
  8. Underneath
  9. Stargazers
  10. Ciaran’s Well
  11. In For a Kill
  12. Medley: Where Were You Last Night – Heaven Is A Place On Earth – Livin’ On A Prayer
  13. Die Alive
  14. Until My Last Breath
  15. Wishmaster


Bonus Materials

  1. In For a Kill (Masters Of Rock – CZ 2010)
  2. I Walk Alone (Masters Of Rock – CZ 2010)
  3. Archive Of Lost Dreams (Masters Of Rock – CZ 2010)
  4. Crimson Deep (Masters Of Rock – CZ 2010)
  5. I Feel Immortal (Summer Breeze – GER 2011)
  6. The Siren (Summer Breeze – GER 2011)
  7. Until my Last Breath (Summer Breeze – GER 2011)
  8. 500 Letters (Ekaterinburg – RUS 2014)
  9. Damned & Divine (Ekaterinburg – RUS 2014)
  10. Neverlight (Ekaterinburg – RUS 2014)
  11. Anteroom Of Death feat. Van Canto (Wacken Open Air – GER 2014)
  12. Never Enough (Summer Breeze – GER 2014)
  13. Die Alive (Summer Breeze – GER 2014)
  14. Victim Of Ritual (Summer Breeze – GER 2014)





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