Label : Ravenheart Music

Review by Tony Cannella

Beautiful, passionate, full of heart and cinematic, those are some of the words that I would use to describe Tatiana’s  Niovi. First of all, they hail from Greece and they combine a number of influences ranging from opera to symphonic metal to soundtrack type stuff, classic rock and more. It can all be heard on their debut album “Breath of Light” which is out now via Ravenheart Music.

Lead vocalist Tatiana Manolidou has a tremendously expressive and diverse voice and musically Niovi is fantastic. The intro “Breath of Life” segues into the orchestral “When I’m Lost” nicely and provides a solid opening. It isn’t a typical pounding metal opener; instead it is a song that provides plenty of atmospheres. The next track “Oh Love!” begins with some nice piano before the heavy guitars join in. This is one of my favorite songs and has a solid chorus that is quite memorable.“Tree of My Dreams” is orchestral and cinematic. Other highlights include: “My Lonely Prince”, “A Prayer” and “Island of Gods”. At 52-minutes “Breath of Life” is time well spent. There are so many interesting layers provided in the music of Tatiana’s Niovi. “Breath of Life” is a high quality release.

Rating – 83/100



  1. Breath of Life
  2. When I’m Lost
  3. Oh Love!
  4. Tree of My Dreams
  5. Mana (Mother)
  6. Testament of Soul
  7. My Lonely Prince
  8. Ring of Darkness
  9. When We Danced
  10. A Prayer
  11. Your Love
  12. Island of Gods
  13. Kyrie
  14. Epilogue: The Shadow in the Sea


Line Up

  • Tatiana Manolidou – Vocals & Piano
  • Periklis Tzitzifas – Guitar
  • Kostantinos Diakakis – Bass
  • George Tsokanis – Keyboards
  • Alexis Kostas – Drums and Percussion




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