Label: Crysella Records

Review by Warren Mayocchi

Tezaura have given us a brilliant scene to imagine by naming their debut album “Unleash the Butterflies”. The band place themselves in the neo-gothic rock and melodic metal genres and that is a reasonable description of the songs that you will find here.

Except for some male vocal refrains and chorus lines, the singing is all performed by vocalist Lori. She has a wonderful range moving from a deeper hard rock voice to almost operatic highs. The band also display great variety in the music accompanying the vocals. There are many keyboard highlights – to be expected given that keyboard player Filip and Lori formed the band. Most songs have a keyboard melody in the mix, on “Unleash the Butterflies” and “Heavenhell” there is a prominent electro sound, but the sound is actually quite diverse. There are atmospheric, orchestral and straight piano sections on other tracks. The guitars by Nemo and bass player Mara bring out the heavier side of Tezaura – tracks where I particularly like their riffing are: “Have to Go”, “Deir Ez Zor”, “Across the Void”, “And There Were Angels”. There are a few well placed guitar solos on those tracks. Special mention I think should go to drummer David who keeps the beat interesting and suited to all of these different tracks.

Tezaura have a video for “Mechanical Ballerina” which is a great choice. It allows the entire band to showcase their skills. In the works is a video for “Heavenhell”. My favourite track is “Run Kitty Run”. Just like the album title it provides an interesting visual, and the song is fantastic. It begins with a short keyboard intro before launching into heavy riffing. Towards the end of the song Lori trades vocal lines with a slightly harsh male vocal and, yes, a kitty does have a minor vocal spot during the song. “Run Kitty Run” features something special from every member of the band. Actually this album is full of great songs that make varied use all of the elements available to the band.

Rating – 88/100



  1. Unleash the Butterflies
  2. Mechanical Ballerina
  3. Shattered Memories
  4. Shadow’s Love
  5. Run Kitty Run
  6. Have to Go
  7. Deir Ez-Zor
  8. Across the Void
  9. And There Were Angels
  10. Heavenhell


Line Up

  • Lori – Vocals
  • Nemo – Guitar
  • Filip – Synths
  • Mara – Bass
  • David – Drums



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