Label: Napalm Records

Review by Tony Cannella

The Agonist has been on a steady ascent since they released their debut almost 10-years ago (it’s hard to believe that it has been almost a decade since “Once Only Imagined”). Now the band returns with their 5th album entitled “Five”, which as it turns out is a whirlwind of an album with the heaviest of riffs and perhaps the most diversity that the band has ever committed to disc. This is the second album with lead vocalist Vicky Psarakis and she is no longer the new kid. She has a commanding presence throughout the 58-minute album and turns in an outstanding performance and has definitely added her own unique stamp to The Agonist. The opening track “The Moment” sets the standard for what is to follow. Of course, The Agonist have always been a band that mixed aggressive vocals with clean, more melodic singing and that hasn’t changed. To me, the most surprising moment (and I mean that in a good way) came in the form of “The Raven Eyes”. This is unlike any song The Agonist has ever recorded. It has kind of a jazz vibe to it with acoustic guitars and all heart. Kudos and respect should be given to the band for having the guts to try something so different for them and making it work. This song while different is one of my absolute favorite tracks. The band has really pushed themselves but still delivers plenty of what fans love about them. Other highlights include: the sheer fierceness of “The Chain”, “The Hunt”, “The Pursuit of Emptiness” as well as the bonus cover song of “Take Me to Church” (originally by Hozier). I don’t think it is hyperbolic to say that The Agonist has turned in a gem of an album. Is “Five” their best? Hard to say and as always that is debatable, but what is not debatable is the fact that The Agonist is one helluva ferocious band.

Rating – 93/100



  1. The Moment
  2. The Chain
  3. The Anchor and the Sail
  4. The Game
  5. The Ocean
  6. The Hunt
  7. The Raven Eyes
  8. The Wake
  9. The Resurrection
  10. The Villain
  11. The Pursuit of Emptiness
  12. The Man Who Fell to Earth
  13. The Trial
  14. Take Me to Church


Line Up

  • Vicky Psarakis – Lead Vocals
  • Danny Marino – Guitars
  • Pascal Jobin – Guitars
  • Chris Kells – Bass
  • Simon McKay – Drums



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