The Gems Photo by Mikael Haltén

THE GEMS – Forging the path to the old rock’n’roll heaven

The Gems are a new sensational Swedish power trio (emphasis on power), featuring former Thundermother members Guernica Mancini, Emlee Johansson and Mona “Demona” Lindgren. And they have just released their debut “Pheonix” which according to our reviewer Tony, is a “damn solid debut album worth of energetic, enthusiastic, and rockin’ music”. Let’s read it more together!

The Gems photo by Gustaf Sandholm Andersson
Photo by Gustaf Sandholm Andersson

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The Gems Are Rising like a Phoenix

The Gems are a Swedish power trio (emphasis on power), featuring former Thundermother members.  On their debut album, “Phoenix”, The Gems are aiming to forge their path and destination in the world of heavy rock n’ roll.

“Phoenix” is choc full of spirited riffs that keep coming and never let up. Musically, I would compare them to a band like Halestorm, but that’s only a point of reference as The Gems have enough to stand out on their own. The album begins with the first of three interludes, “Aurora” gives way to the bouncy and infectious “Queens” which immediately creates the right vibe. 

The Gems' "Phoenix" cover artwork
Cover artwork

It’s always the rock’n’roll swagger

The soulful rocker “Send Me to the Wolves” is next and is loaded with swagger and attitude and more great riff-age.  The next track “Domino” opens with a riff that would make AC/DC proud. This is one of many stand-out tracks that “Phoenix” has to offer. “Silver Tongue” comes racing out of the gate and is punctuated by the straightforward vocals of Guernica Mancini.

Other highlights include: “Undiscovered Paths”, the second interlude: “Maria’s Song”, The great ballad “Ease Your Pain”, “Like A Phoenix” and “Fruit of My Labor”, but I could on n’ on.  Through 15 songs the band keeps things interesting throughout this 45-minute ride.

With “Phoenix”, The Gems have released a damn solid debut album worth of energetic, enthusiastic, and rockin’ music that is full of confidence and swagger and never fails to deliver.  Great stuff and a Gem of a record.

Photo by Gustaf Sandholm Andersson


  1. Aurora – Interlude
  2. Queens
  3. Send Me to the Wolves
  4. Domino
  5. Silver Tongue
  6. Undiscovered Paths
  7. Maria’s Song – Interlude
  8. Ease Your Pain
  9. Running
  10. Renaissance – Interlude
  11. Like A Phoenix
  12. P.S.Y.C.H.O
  13. Kiss it Goodbye
  14. Force of Nature
  15. Fruit of My Labor

Line Up

  • Guernica Mancini – Vocals
  • Emlee Johansson – Drums
  • Mona “Demona” Lindgren – Guitars/Bass

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