The Great Discord – “Duende” (2015)


Label: Metal Blade Records

Review by Warren Mayocchi

“Duende” is a word with an interesting shape. It might mean “charm; magnetism” or “having soul”, or it could be the name for a fairy-goblin or the name of an asteroid. Hard to define would also be a good description for the style of The Great Discord, and isn’t that great! They label themselves as Progressive Death Pop, a fair description. Bands that disregard the constraints of genre rules allow themselves to entertain us with creativity. Fia Kempe is an awesome vocalist with a wide range and the expression to take on the variety of music that the band create. She formed the band in 2013 with drummer Aksel Holmgren. Soon they expanded with guitarists André Axell and Gustav Almberg, and bass player Rasmus Carlson. They sound more metal than pop, more classic than progressive, more clean than death…except when they don’t. In many ways “Deus Ex Homine” has some similarities to a couple of songs on Metallica‘s “Black Album”. Have a few listens to “Illuminate”, with it’s piano introduction, clean guitars, and uplifting mood, it could be a classic rock song. Perhaps it will be. “Illuminate” is the bright corner that allows the rest of the album to remain in shadow. “Duende” begins with “The Aging Man”, it also has a music video. The song opens with the sound of a storm, a simple piano, and a beating heart. From there it takes us on a theatrical exploration of the shadows. Exploring the shadows could well be theme for most of the album, it has a introspective feel. So it is apt that one of the songs is called “Eignegrau” (the dark gray that you see in absolute darkness). Lyrically the band make music about drug addiction, sorrow, depression, pending death, a hermit cannibal, a narcissistic necrophile – I had to look that up that information, other than the feeling dripping from music, the stories are not too obvious. “Selfæta”, is the only song to include some growled lyrics. The theatrical is the musical theme for The Great Discord‘s first album. They are attempting to put on a show that will bring us into their songs. The band chose to name it “Duende” for the “having soul” meaning, and there is definitely passion for any who chose to listen. Epic songwriting. Epic performance. Epic album.

Rating – 93/100



  1. The Aging Man
  2. Deus Ex Homine
  3. Eigengrau
  4. L’homme Mauvais
  5. Selfæta
  6. A Discordant Call
  7. Woes
  8. Angra Mainyu
  9. Illuminate
  10. Ephemeral


Line Up

  • Fia Kempe – Vocals, Keys
  • André Axell – Guitars
  • Gustav Almberg – Guitars
  • Rasmus Carlson – Bass
  • Aksel Holmgren – Drums

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