The Murder of My Sweet – “Beth Out of Hell” (2015)


Label: Frontiers Records

Review by Warren Mayocchi

“Beth Out of Hell” is a concept album telling the a story of love between Lucifer‘s daughter, Beth, and archangel Michael in the apocalyptic end of days. The Murder of My Sweet are Angelica Rylin (lead and background vocals), Daniel Flores (drums, keyboards, vocals), Christopher Vetter (guitars) and Patrik Janson (bass guitar). Musically the album leads with Angelica‘s rock vocals and cinematic orchestration. These elements are backed by the metal of the band. In the title to the new album there is an obvious reference to Jim Steinman and Meat Loaf‘s “Bat Out of Hell” – perhaps this indicates an inspiration for the album. They both have conversations between light and dark characters regarding love with supernatural imagery. The album begins with the film noir flourish of raindrops and trains, then Beth speaks over the growing tension of the background music. As the atmosphere reaches a climax the first proper song of the album begins, “The Awakening”, and Beth sings, “I just came out of hell”. Later in the song we find out what Beth is doing, “And so my quest begins/ Must find a way to end my suffering/ Get to Michael’s court/ Feel the love in heavens kiss”. The album is mostly from Beth‘s perspective, though she and Michael are given a voice in the songs. They each have to deal with their love and the conflicting roles they have to play in the apocalypse. Further into the album, on the song “Bitter Love”, Michael sings, “My heart is burning/ Can I save her from the dark embrace?” Beth replies, “Blizzards and yearning/ Can I make him turn from Heaven’s grace?” Together they sing, “How far is far enough for treason?” Beth Out of Hell” has a cinematic sound and lyrics to match. Turn up the volume, sit down with the lyrics, The Murder of My Sweet will sing to you of the destructive love between Beth and Michael. There is a lot more to the story than I have shown and how does it end? Listen and you will find out, the story is as epic as the music.

Rating – 84/100



  1. Hell on Earth
  2. The Awakening
  3. World in Ashes
  4. Always the Fugitive
  5. Bitter Love
  6. Still
  7. Humble Servant
  8. Requiem For a Ghost
  9. Euthanasia
  10. Tide After Tide
  11. Poets By Default
  12. Heaven Succumb
  13. Means to An End

Line Up

  • Angelica Rylin – Lead and background vocals
  • Christopher Vetter – Guitar
  • Patrik Janson – Bass
  • Daniel Flores – Drums, keyboards and vocals

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