The Reasoning – “And Another Thing…” EP (2012)


Label : Comet Music

Review by Matteo Bussotti

What can we say about Cardiff’s band, The Reasoning? How can we define their genre? We can say it’s “Dream-Metal”. In fact, listening to their EP will surely bring you in a lot of fantastic, dreamy places in your mind. Their style is soft, kind, but very powerful when it’s needed. This EP comes with a lot of expectations on its shoulders. In fact, it gives us a preview of what their upcoming sixth (including “Acoustically Speaking” and their live album) album.

Well, they’re clearly a prog-oriented band (among the members’ favorite bands there are BeatlesGenesis and Marillion for example), and they’re capable of creating an atmosphere in their songs you’ve probably never experienced before, but, right when you think you’re used to the rhythm…here it comes some powerful solo, guitar riff, or a crescendo, which completely blows your mind focusing again all your attention to the song! I find this EP to be really, really amazing. It’s perfect. Being an EP, it has not many tracks, so it’s kind of “easy listening”, and…the songs, they really are amazing. Songs like “Apophenia” or “Pale Criminal” are a real pleasure to listen to. You’ll never find anything out of place, any solo played only to show how good the guitarist/bassist/drummer is, but everything is extremely well studied, and fit perfectly in the song’s atmosphere. The vocals, and in general Rachel‘s voice, are simply stunning: delicate, perfect, her voice is a masterpiece in every note she sings. As you may have understood…listen to this EP. Believe me, you won’t absolutely regret it. Keep up the amazing work, The Reasoning!

Rating – 82/100



  1. One By One
  2. Apophenia
  3. Pale Criminal
  4. 21 Grams


Line Up

  • Rachel Cohen – Vocals & Percussion
  • Owain Roberts – Guitars
  • Tony Turrell – Keyboards & Vocals
  • Matthew Cohen – Bass & Backing Vocals
  • Jake Bradford-Sharp – Drums & Backing Vocals


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