THE SUNRISE – “Rising in Loop” (2022)


Wormholedeath Records

Review by Marshworth

THE SUNRISE - "Rising in Loop" (2022)
THE SUNRISE – “Rising in Loop” (2022)

Progressive/hard rock Italians, The Sunrise, released a new slice of music “Rising Loop” back in late 2022 via WormHoleDeath. After 5 years of serving their loyal listeners with the content they crave, The Sunrise makes note that this won’t be the last of them for a long while. Whilst kicking ass and taking names, the band has been able to conquer self-producing an album with one another, participating in the semifinals of the Hybrid Venice Contest 2021, and releasing their latest record which focuses on a melancholic state of mind. The Sunrise has everything it takes and more to genuinely show us the “Sun, Moon, & Wind” with only but a glimpse of the “Cosmos” in the far distance.

The journey in which the group takes you is one in which you have never taken before. Not many artists are able to connect to religion and deities throughout a record and have the album still rock. The core of it all is aimed toward creating a worldstrictly with lyrics and the rhythm behind them. Hints of folklore can be spotted within the tracks whilst simultaneously crossing paths with the intertwining of cultures and genres. Amongst the aspects you’re able to audibly pick out, the band has stated, “We will bring you on a journey that you will hardly forget, unlike the stories we all know, this one will not have a happy ending”.

I have to mention that the atmosphere, created by the rhythms and harmonies, is a rarity in itself. The lack of a happy ending, previously quoted by the band, brings in the feeling of gloom and reflectivity which welcomes an
oh-so-delicate storm. With the band being so new and still gaining traction, they’re still in search of their sound. Perhaps, on the band’s next record, they will slide into their sweet spot within their music. It takes time, but for The Sunrise, we’re willing to wait. The pressure to find your sound and please a number of genres at the same time is difficult, especially
in this day and age. The band had actually spoken up about this, “We channeled ourselves into a very particular and niche musical current; the fact of not being completely exposed to a genre…”.

The band seems to believe in the practice of understanding that there’s a fixed order to the destiny of yourself and others within the universe. Being able to realize that everybody is different and incredible individuals, but is unable to choose the direction in which life decides to take them is such a great skill to obtain and wield with confidence.

LIne Up

  • Giorgia Chiereghin – Vocals
  • Tommaso Elia – Guitar, backing vocals
  • Andrea Marchesan – Keyboards, backing vocals
  • Samuele Boscolo Nata – Bass


  1. Zero
  2. Exodus
  3. Take Time – Waste Time
  4. Black Moon
  5. Glasir
  6. Rising In Loop
  7. Waves In A Bulb
  8. Occam
  9. Freedom Demise
  10. Willow Tree
  11. Beatrice
  12. Sun, Moon & Wind
  13. Cupido
  14. Paradigma
  15. Cosmos

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