Theatrum Mundi – “The Eyes of the Realm” (2013)


Label: Punk-Upon-Avon

Review by Tony Cannella

I have been receiving some quality female fronted symphonic metal coming from the USA as of late. That is always a good thing and I have to say the class of which is very high. One such band that I have found highly impressive and inspiring and just flat out good is Theatrum Mundi from Springfield, Missouri. They may be at the core a “symphonic metal” band, but they have so much more to offer as their debut album “The Eyes of the Realm” proves. Their music has been described by the band as Elizabethan Punk. They mix symphonic elements to go along with industrial beats and Elizabethan era lyrics to create a unique metal experience for the listener.“The Eyes of the Realm” is a concept album that takes place in the Elizabethan age and like most good concept albums, the music tells the story as much as the lyrics do. Actually, the two go hand-in-hand. The title song is a strong opener and one that begins the album on a high note. The whole album is designed as a rock opera and is hugely ambitious. Songs like “Passages of Courage”, “It’s a Mystery to Me”, “Don’t Tempt Me, Fate”, “A Plan for the Universal Happiness of Man” and “Dance With Me Tonight” provides the listener with epic storytelling and delivers a range of emotions. Throughout the 50-minutes of playing time, Theatrum Mundi takes the listener on a fantastical dramatic metal journey. “The Eyes of the Realm” is a truly inspired debut.

Rating – 85/100



  1. The Eyes of the Realm
  2. Passages of Courage
  3. Test Your Metal
  4. It’s a Mystery to Me
  5. Don’t Tempt Me Fate
  6. Sometimes I See A Star
  7. A Plan For the Universal Happiness of Man
  8. Dance With Me Tonight
  9. Rescue
  10. Mirror of Simple Souls


Line Up

  • Stacey Elizabeth Luehrs – Vocals
  • Gina Ronat – Vocals, flute, percussion
  • Christy Campbell – Vocals
  • Michael Ray Gould – Guitar, mandolin, vocals, production,composer
  • Li’Anne Drysdale – Keys, production, composer
  • B.J. DeClue – Bass
  • Caleb Rust – Drums, djembe
  • Anthony Saitta – Drums


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