Therion – “Beloved Antichrist” (2018)


Label: Nuclear Blast

Review by Tony Cannella

The Swedish band Therion, with a career spanning 30-years continues to up the ante. Case-in-point – their new album “Beloved Antichrist” is an intricately played concept record featuring 46-songs and over 3- hours, worth of music. “Beloved Antichrist” is a metal opera with an emphasis on the word opera. Some great singers are employed throughout the 3-disc set. With names and talent like Thomas Vikstrom, Chiara Malvestiti, and Lori Lewis how can one go wrong? The biggest hurdle for me was getting through the whole thing in one sitting. It would be great to be able to do so, but at 46-songs and over 3-hours it is a challenge, but for those who like operatic vocals (both male and female) along with classy symphonic metal, classical music, beautiful choirs and all the rest of it, then this will be right up your alley. Therion has come a long way since their death metal beginnings. To say they have changed musically over the years is an understatement. I’m sure they have lost many fans along the way, but they have also gained a lot of fans as well. “Beloved Antichrist” is yet another bold statement from Christofer Johnsson and company as they continue to challenge themselves and their fans.

Rating – 85/100



Disc 1 – ACT I

  1. Turn From Heaven
  2. Where Will You Go
  3. Through Dust, Through Rain
  4. Signs Are Here
  5. Never Again
  6. Bring Her Home
  7. The Solid Black Beyond
  8. The Crowning of Splendour
  9. Morning Has Broken
  10. Garden of Peace
  11. Our Destiny
  12. Anthem
  13. The Palace Ball
  14. Jewels From Afar
  15. Hail Caesar!
  16. What Is Wrong
  17. Nothing But My Name

Disc 2 – ACT II

  1. The Arrival of Apollonius
  2. Pledging Loyalty
  3. Night Reborn
  4. Dagger of God
  5. Temple of New Jerusalem
  6. The Lions Roar
  7. Bringing the Gospel
  8. Laudate Dominum
  9. Remaining Silent
  10. Behold Antichrist
  11. Cursed Be the Fallen
  12. Resurrection
  13. To Where I Weep
  14. Astral Sophia
  15. Thy Will Be Done!


Disc 3 – ACT III

  1. Shoot Them Down!
  2. Beneath The Starry Skies
  3. Forgive Me
  4. The Wasteland of My Heart
  5. Burning the Palace
  6. Prelude to War
  7. Day of Wrath
  8. Rise to War
  9. Time Has Come Final Battle
  10. My Voyage Carries On
  11. Striking Darkness
  12. Seeds of Time
  13. To Shine Forever
  14. Theme of Antichrist


Line Up

  • Thomas Vikström – Vocals (as Antichrist)
  • Lori Lewis – Vocals (as Helena)
  • Christofer Johnsson – Rhythm & baritone guitars, keyboards & programming
  • Christian Vidal – Lead, rhythm, 12 string guitars
  • Björn Nalle Påhlsson – Bass, rhythm, baritone & acoustic guitars
  • Sami Karppinen – Drums (only on CD 1 – tracks #15, 16)
  • Johan Kullberg – Drums


Guest/Session members

  • Chiara Malvestiti – Vocals (as Johanna)
  • Marcus Jupither – Vocals (as Apollonius)
  • Erik Rosenius – Vocals (as Satan)
  • Melissa Ferlaak – Vocals (as Sophia)
  • Ulrika Skarby – Vocals (as Agnes)
  • Lydia Kjellberg – Vocals (as Mare)
  • Samuel Jarrick – Vocals (as Pope Peter II, as 3 Demons & choirs)
  • Linus Flogell – Vocals (as Professor Pauli, as 3 Demons & choirs)
  • Kaj Hagstrand – Vocals (as President of USE, as Building master & as Soldier)
  • Matilda Wahlund – Vocals (as President wife, as Lydia & as Female voter)
  • Karin Fjellander – Vocals (as Messenger and  as Angel)
  • Mikael Schmidberger – Vocals (as Priest, as Demon, as Male servant, as 3 Demons & choirs)
  • Linnéa Vikström – Vocals (as Female servant, as Congress woman)
  • Anastasia Dreyer – Vocals (Soprano choirs)
  • Anna Belova – Vocals (Soprano choirs)
  • Ekaterina Shamina – Vocals (Soprano choirs)
  • Lyudmila Mikhailova – Vocals (Soprano choirs)
  • Maria Chekrkchieva – Vocals (Alto choirs)
  • Anastasia Polyanina – Vocals (Alto choirs)
  • Darya Mikhailova – Vocals (Alto choirs)
  • Ksenia Krasikova – Vocals (Alto choirs)
  • Mikhail Nor – Vocals (Tenor choirs)
  • Daniil Jurilov – Vocals (Tenor choirs)
  • Artemiy Menshikov – Vocals (Tenor choirs)
  • Nikita Mikhailov – Vocals (Tenor choirs)
  • Gleb Kardasevich – Vocals (Bass choirs)
  • Dmitriy Volkov – Vocals (Bass choirs)
  • Mikhail Yurkus – Vocals (Bass choirs)
  • Grigory Pyankov – Vocals (Bass choirs)
  • Micke Nord  – Slide guitars (CD 1 #11; CD 2 #4)
  • Peter Ljung – Grand piano, Hammond organ


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