Tyranny of Hours – “Tyranny of Hours” (2013)


Label : In Vellum Productions

Review by Tony Cannella

In the world of female fronted metal bands there truly is something for everybody. From operatic to symphonic to progressive to aggressive to… well you get the point. There is so much great music out there that sometimes it’s difficult to keep up on everything. Fortunately, thanks to this reviewing gig, I am able to be exposed to some great music which otherwise I probably would not get the chance to experience. That is something I am extremely grateful for. That leads me to the Oregon based progressive/power metal outfit Tyranny of Hours and their self-titled debut. Tyranny of Hours was formed in late 2010 by singer Michelle Mattair and guitarist Don Graham.

Beginning with the intro track “What is Free”. This lasts for under a minute and vocalist Michelle Mattair is accompanied by atmospheric keyboard music and this segues perfectly in the bombastic “Above the Salt”. This song is dominated by a heavy, relentless guitar riff and you add in Michelle’s soaring vocals and we have an excellent start. “Amber” picks up where the previous song left off but the pace and tempo quickens just a bit at the start before the song settles into mid-tempo groove, before things get faster once again. This is just an excellent track and one I would refer to anyone checking out this band for the first time. The symphonic opening of “Legacy” gives way to pounding and heavy guitars before the tempo slows a bit. This became another huge favorite of mine. Other highlights include: the haunting ballad “A Breath With Peace”, “The Path That Lies Apart” and “Dark Symphony”.

With their debut, Tyranny of Hours is a band that is quite focused and has the ability to stand out from a rather crowded pack of good symphonic, progressive metal bands. Overall, I was hugely impressed with Tyranny of Hours and can’t wait to hear more from them in the future.

Rating – 93/100



  1. What Is Free
  2. Above the Salt
  3. Amber
  4. Legacy
  5. A Breath With Peace
  6. The Hapless Wand
  7. Transvaal Sphere
  8. VainHope
  9. The Warm
  10. The Path That Lies Apart
  11. Dark Symphony


Line Up

  • Michelle Mattair – Vocals
  • Don Graham – Guitars, Bass, Orchestration
  • Jordan Harrington – Bass (on “Dark Symphony”)
  • Larry London – Drums


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