Label : Valery Records

Review by Tony Cannella

Formed in 1998 the Italian Gothic Metal band Tystnaden first came on the radar with their impressive 2006 debut “Sham of Perfection”. They followed that up in 2008 with “In Our Eye” – which turned out to be an okay follow-up but not up to the standards of their debut – in my opinion. After being silent for the last few years, the band returns with “Anima” which is a return to the glory of the debut.

From the opening track “Lust” to the excellent closer “The Journey”, Tystnaden are firing on all cylinders. The duel vocals between Laura De Luca and keyboardist Giancarlo Guarrera continue to be a high point for this band and they have never sounded better. Laura De Luca in particular has really risen to new heights and Giancarlo’s brutal vocals are clear and really well done. “Struggling at the Mirror” is a track that really stood out for me. Vocally, it is a little bit different than what the band is normally known for. It’s just got a steady, unforgettable, infectious groove to it. “Egonist” also turned out to be a huge favorite. Laura adds a touch of drama to her voice on “Days and Lies”, and the song is helped out with symphonic elements and choir-like background vocals. Other highlights include: “Against Windmills”, the ballad “Father Mother” and the aggressive “War”. With “Anima” Tystnaden has really outdone themselves. “Anima” is a kick-ass return to form for Tystnaden.

Rating – 90/100



  1. Lust
  2. Struggling at the Mirror
  3. Egonist
  4. Days and Lies
  5. Against Windmills
  6. Father Mother
  7. Mindrama
  8. War
  9. The Life Before
  10. Innerenemy
  11. The Journey


Line Up

  • Laura De Luca – Vocals
  • Cesare Codispoti –  Guitars
  • Marco Cardona – Guitars
  • Giancarlo Guarrera – Keyboards & Growls
  • Artur Sahakjan –  Bass
  • Alberto Iezzi – Drums



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