Uhrijuhla- “Jokainen on vapaa lintu” (2015)


Label: Svart Records

Review by Crix

Impressive songs, atmosphere and a progressive sound, this is what you can find in the Uhrijuhla‘s new album, “Jokainen on vapaa lintu” (translation from the Finnish: “Everyone is a free bird”). The album starts with the slow and emotional “Syksy” that throw us back to the autumn weather then  it’s a birdsong chirping introduces us to “Uhrilehto” and  we feel like we’re in the middle of the woods. “Pohjoinen”, without any doubts, is the best track of the whole album thanks to the catchy and rock flavored voice of Kauko Röyhkä . If you are stressed out by the daily routine take a seat and enjoy a good cup of tea and relax with “Hiljaisuuden luostari”; and believes us all your problems will disappear in a nanosecond. Overall, the  hippie-progressive sound, Olga Välimaa‘s charming voice and the relaxing atmosphere makes this album unique and interesting also if you think to have a special relationship with the nature “Jokainen on vapaa lintu” is the perfect soundtrack for your solitary walks among the Finnish forests.

Rating – 70/100



  1.  Syksy
  2.  Salaseura
  3.  Uhrilehto
  4. Dyyneillä
  5. Juokse poika juokse
  6. Pohjoinen
  7. Hiljaisuuden luostari
  8. Puutarhassa
  9. Verenpunainen


Line Up

  • Olga  Välimaa – Vocals & Keyboards
  • Kauko Röyhkä – Vocals & Guitar
  • Olli Kauniskangas – Guitar
  • Kimi Kärki –  Guitar
  • Kimmo Laine – Bass & Keyboards
  • Kikke Lindberg – Drums



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